Understanding iOS Changes to Tracking


Understanding iOS App Tracking Transparency (ATT)

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2021 was a game changer for Facebook Advertisers.

The Facebook Ad Campaign Structure is built on masses of information – pinpointing significant information about your prospects and customers both online & offline, patterns, behaviours, and lifestyle.

Prospects can be divided into micro-groups within your sales funnel and sent to different levels of messaging at each stage… literally pulling them through your funnel step by step.

Until 2021.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency on iOS 14+ means your audience will have the prompted opportunity to opt out of tracking beyond the first engagement.

Data sets will be impacted – all devices will be working with reduced & less accurate data as a result, but Apple users on newer operating systems will potentially not be able to be tracked at all – including exclusion audiences.

Other changes introduced by Facebook, as a result, will impact reporting, and certain actions will be required.

There are things advertisers can do to bridge the information gap until the new normal is established – and there are certain actions that are required.

If you are struggling with this, this is a good way to go – I’ll guide you through what happened, how you should manage it, and help with the actions that you need to take.

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