Essential Media Privacy Policy

Essential Media is a marketing agency in New Zealand wishing to connect with owners of small businesses in New Zealand and internationally. We encourage people to opt in for various pieces of what we hope and ex[ect will be useful information in building an actionable marketing programme for your business.

In exchange for this information, we sometimes request an email contact address. We do this for several reasons.

Firstly, we wish to know who is receiving the information and reserve the right to not send should there be risk of it being misused or used by direct competitors

We hold ownership of the information – and encourage business owners to implement strategies for business and brand growth – the above notwithstanding.

Accepting the information gives us permission to forward email and repso0nders to the email address submitted, but we shall do that in a non-intrusive way.

Email addresses or information submitted to us will only be used for our marketing and information gathering purposes and will not ever be submitted to a third party outside of Essential Media.

We comply with New Zealand Privacy regulations.

All email communications allow the receiver to opt out at any time.