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Hello! My Name is Julie Comber

I have been in Marketing my entire career, including some of New Zealand’s iconic and well known brands.

I’d love to introduce you to Essential Media. We are a small team with a large skill set – from design and creative through strategy and tech – creating strategy and sales funnels for lead generation.

In creating Essential Media in 2015, I wanted to bring together the classic marketing strategy skills where I grew my career with new digital skills I learned while on the ground running a local business. Creating a digital footprint is easy once you know how, and I love helping business owners hit the ‘Uh-Ha’ moments when it all makes sense.

In 2019, I joined a Digital Marketing Mastermind Group out of the US, led by one of the world’s most successful sales funnel expert & marketing strategist.

My global connections are many – what I am not familiar with or expert in myself, I can quickly gain access to, at a high level of expertise.

We work with all sorts of businesses and would love to learn about yours!



A one of a kind Digital Marketer, with corporate and large brand experience as well as on-the-ground tactical retail marketing and also have experience of running my own small business is a super-competitive environment.



Julie has been working with Experience Rarotonga since late 2017. Her professional approach, wealth of knowledge and expertise in Digital Marketing & Marketing Strategy systems has meant she continues to be an invaluable asset.

Julie has very successfully introduced and implemented email sequences and automations built for conversion for our service based travel business.

Her in-depth expertise and experience across all social media platforms has led to impressive and measurable results within a short period. Julie invests in ensuring she has the latest information and research, striving to constantly improve on results. We have been thoroughly impressed.

Jennie Wilson

Experience Rarotonga

You guys are an important part of my team!


E-Commerce B2C & B2B Site

Julie and I have put a lot of focus into [name of brand] during covid and now it’s starting to get a lot of sales without us having to spend any time in it.

It’s a real credit to Julie and her skills- I don’t know how she does it.

Tanya Gray

E-Commerce Digital Info Products Site

Sales grew 80% in the two months that Julie was working on the brand.


E-Commerce B2C Site Regional Business Partner Project

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