Make Your Marketing Impactful.

Hello! My Name is Julie Comber

I have been in Marketing┬ámy entire career, including some of New Zealand’s iconic and well known brands.

I’d love to introduce you to Essential Media. We are a small team with a large skill set – from design and creative through strategy and tech – creating strategy and sales funnels for lead generation.

In creating Essential Media in 2015, I wanted to bring together the classic marketing strategy skills where I grew my career with new digital skills I learned while on the ground running a local business. Creating a digital footprint is easy once you know how, and I love helping business owners hit the ‘Uh-Ha’ moments when it all makes sense.

In 2019, I joined a Digital Marketing Mastermind Group out of the US, led by one of the world’s most successful sales funnel expert & marketing strategist.

My global connections are many – what I am not familiar with or expert in myself, I can quickly gain access to, at a high level of expertise.

We work with all sorts of businesses and would love to learn about yours!



A one of a kind Digital Marketer, with corporate and large brand experience as well as on-the-ground tactical retail marketing and also have experience of running my own small business is a super-competitive environment.



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