Winning at Google Shopping


Winning at Google Shopping Ads – 3 Sessions Online via Zoom

Once you understand how to dots connect and how your Merchant Feed operates, you’ll start to see your Google Shopping Ads in a totally different light.

During these three sessions, we will cover the following:

  • How Google Shopping Ads work
  • The relevance of website content
  • Using rules and supplementary feeds to help your campaign
  • Your strategy makes a huge difference

We will, of course, look at your account and assess how it is doing, and at your landing pages and post-purchase process.

Honestly – all too often, the ads are doing well, but the sales funnel is not set up optimally! (Coaching on this is not included but is included in memberships).

This will work for:

  • E-Commerce Businesses

Please give me a call on +64 022 353 9576 if you want to discuss further!