Winning at Facebook Ads


Winning at Facebook Ads – 3 Sessions Online via Zoom

One session is never enough. Facebook Ads is really complicated – but not that difficult once you unravel the complications and come to understand how the algorithm works.

Facebook Ads are set up to optimise whatever is working best in your accounts – it’s a good system if you use it correctly.

I’ve been coaching in Facebook ads since 2015 – and been using them since 2007. It’s easy when you know how (and when you know that there is no one way or magic bullet!)

During these three sessions, we will cover the following:

  • How the structure of the ads manager works
  • Which campaign types to use.
  • How to test each level of your campaign
  • How to scale your winners.

We will, of course, look at your account and assess how it is doing, and at your landing pages and post-purchase process.

Honestly – all too often, the ads are doing well, but the sales funnel is not set up optimally! (Coaching on this is not included but is included in memberships).

This will work for:

  • Service providers
  • Local businesses
  • E-Commerce Businesses

Please give me a buzz on 022 353 9576 if you want to discuss further!