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Marketing Strategy & Implementation
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Our Four Step Process sets you up to win!

We believe that the brand owner is the best person to manage the marketing.

The intuitive understanding of the consumer response, the brand’s uniqueness and strengths is core to the delivery of an excellent marekting strategy.

We help you harness all that, build a solid strategy, plan a 90 Day Structured Implemtation, then assist with core capability and support – as required during the 90 day roll out, then assist with the review and re-plan – as many times as you need us to.

From Blank Sheet to Rolled Out Plan.




Essential Media Four-Step Plan:

marketing analysis for strategy planning
marketing strategy planning
Marketing Capabilities
Marketing strategy development
Marketing analysis
marketing strategy
Marketing capabilities
Marketing strategy development
Digital Marketing Strategy

How It Works

Analysis of your business & key competitors (10 days)

We analyse site performance, sales funnel, KPIs – all aspects of your business with a view to establishing your brand and strategy,

Establish your 90 Day Action Plan

A step by step plan of what you need to do over the coming 90 days.


We will help you with the delivery of the plan with building capabilities and giving you direction through coaching.

Review & Replan

Following the 90 days of implmentation, we review your progress against KPIs and prepare to analyse & replan your second quarter.

It’s YOUR plan

With Our Expert Help!

Costs for the Programme