Getting Started with Pinterest Advertising.

Getting Started with Pinterest Advertising.

Getting Started with Pinterest Ads

The third largest search engine – and one of only two image driven mediums!

If you are selling a product or service that is purchased primarily by women, is enhanced by a VISUAL representation of your product/service and that people go LOOKING for, Pinterest is for you.

Most brand owners mis-use this medium, thinking that it is a social network.

While Pinterest is included in the social suite of advertising options, it is actually a search engine – a search engine with pictures.

This is PERFECT for people selling products!

Pinterest is the third largest search engine behind Google & You Tube.

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What do you need to get started?

  • The single most important thing with search engines is to understand your keywords. In Pinterest, the focus goes on to longtail keywords to a degree. I’ll go into this a bit further down. Finding your Pinterest keywords is a much more visual process than it is on Google.
  • The second thing you will need to do is to make sure you have a Pinterest Business Profile if you intend to place ads (recommended).
  • You’ll also need to add the Pinterest tracking code to your site header (Pinterest has Conversion Ads these days, which makes it an even more exciting option.
  • You will need to set up Rich Pins on your site (if you have the YOAST SEO plugin, it can be enabled in that interface.
  • Finally, you’ll need some awesome images – established on a 2:3 scale (I use 600 x 1200 or 1000 x 1500 if you struggle with getting your image on the slimmer width).

Just a note on Images – include a call to action on your image itself. There is no issue with text on images on Pinterest as there is for Instagram or Facebook. Also consider the environment your image will be in – it can be cluttered. Make sure your Pin will stand out (in a good way).

  • Outline what you want to customer to do and what they will have when they do right there on your Pin – for example – GET YOUR [FREE DOWNLOAD] NOW.

More About Keywords For Pinterest.

First, select three PRIMARY keywords. You’ll do this by typing the terms you think people will search on in the Pinterest search bar.

You will then be able to see the sub categories that are attached to those primary Keywords. Those are the longtail keywords.

Each of those subcategories may or may not have subcategories below them. Choose the ones that have sub-subcategories that show relevant pins.

Those are the richest areas for your category.

For each PRIMARY keyword, select around 8 – 10 longtail keywords. This should deliver around 30 keywords & longtail keywords in total.

You can add other keywords that you feel are relevant also – you can always pause them in your campaigns.

Pay attention to the pins that are showing under each search – look for keywords in the descriptions to use for additional keywords or Primary Keywords.

In total, you will need around 40 – 50 keywords for your campaign.

Send Traffic to a Sales Funnel.

Pinterest ad traffic is cold traffic – they don’t know you and they don’t have a relationship with you or a reason to trust you, but they ARE looking for products like yours and statistics indicate that 50% of consumers on Pinterest make a purchase after seeing a Pin – so make sure that you have retargeting in place.

I recommend retargeting on Instagram & Facebook plus catalogue ads on Facebook in the case of E-Commerce.

The profile of the Pinterest user

Interestingly, statistics indicate that consumers approach Pinterest with a problem to solve – and that is definitely true in the case of Home Decor or Recipe Search.

Categories with proven success with Pinterest marketing include:

  • Lifestyle products
  • Personal Finance
  • Parenting
  • Online Marketing
  • Fitness
  • Crafting
  • Food marketing
  • Gardening
  • Home Decor
  • Travel

There are almost 300 million Pinterest users.

  • 40% are in Households earning over $100K.
  • 93% use Pinterest to plan purchases.
  • 50% make a purchase after seeing a Pin, which is phenomenal. This is possibly an American influenced statistic, but is very positive in all regards.
  • Pinterest is used early in the planning process.

Average marketing ROI is 2:1 (which is actually lower than Facebook and Instagram’s potential, but the cost per conversion is considerably lower – and the opportunity to speak to the consumer right on your visual is a huge advantage over other mediums.