Step Two in Getting Started with Retargeting with the Facebook Pixel –



Installing your Pixel

Everyone presumes that creating and installing the pixel will be difficult – it’s really not. Watch the video and scroll down for images for reference!

Easy as. Definitely easier than keeping a silk scarf in place.

Adding your Pixel Code – WordPress websites

Download and activate a  WordPress plugin for adding a Facebook Pixel to your site. I recommend Pixel Your Site, but there are others. As long as the plugin you use has a number of users and has been regularly/recently updated it should be fine.


Enter your Pixel ID Number in the box as indicated. You will find the ID number in the email that you sent yourself. It’s a string of numbers.

Finally scroll right to the bottom and click the checkbox and the ‘activate‘ button.

Non WordPress Site

Copy the ENTIRE code that you emailed yourself and paste it into your website header under the Google Tracking code.

If your site has a separate area for mobile header code – paste it in there too.

Don’t forget to head off for a coffee while you wait for the Pixel to fire on your site. It can take up to an hour. It’s a trap for new players. Just relax for a bit.

Download the Chrome Pixel Helper Extension and check all of your pages to make sure your pixel is firing once an hour has passed.

We are not covering Pixel related Event tracking today – that’s in our advanced Pixel Targeting Module in the Zero the Digital Super Hero webinar E-Learning series. One baby step at a time. We’ll get to that.

Tomorrow we move on to creating website custom audiences.