Local Business is defined as a business who requires people to come to them for services and or products, such as local gyms, pilates and yoga studios, dentists, chiropractors and beauty salons.

The process – believe it or not – is exactly the same for all of these business types. Just the actual offers are different. The way in which you bring people to your local premises then go about the conversion from first time or the trial visit to a raving fan is the same for every type of local business, and it’s about the type of value you offer to your clientele.

By value, we are not referencing your price. Price rarely comes into the equation for long-term loyal customers. They come to you because they love what you offer them – and this goes well beyond your actual service.

Developing a Sales Funnel for Local Business

Step One – Identify Your Core and Ideal Customer

Step Two – Identify What Problem You are Solving For this Customer

Step Three – Consider offers that might bring this customer to your door.

Step Four – Consider How your might optimise the opportunity

Step Five – Consider how you can package what you offer to retain that customer.

How Essential Media Can Help You

We can help you identify your ideal customer

We can help you create excellent offers to deliver customers to your door (or at least to your website and mailing list).

We can help you establish ads and design communications that will develop your presence in their world, & create web pages to deliver leads to you as qualified leads.

We can help you create scripts for conversion to turn leads into repeat customers.

Then we can help you create content and programmes that will retain them (and encourage them to recommend you to friends)

How much will this cost? Less than you would expect!

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If you feel you would prefer to create marketing assets yourself, we are happy to coach you along the steps, which will be less expensive for you, but definitely more time-consuming!

We do regular coaching – and often pick up some of the required steps, leaving you to do parts also if you have design skills (or a favourite web designer who can deliver to our brief).

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