Using Your Website Custom Audiences

Using a website custom audience in a campaign is key to having control over your sales funnel.

Watch the video and read the notes below, then have a try at creating your own WCA driven ad strategy.

Here’s where your thinking has to happen. Once you have your website custom audiences, you need to decide what to do with them.

One great example of using a website custom audience EXCLUSION is where you have set up a blog post that you want to promote to cold traffic – like an introduction to your special skill set or unique products.

Audience One is targeting the specific interests, behaviours and demographics or job titles.

Audience One should EXCLUDE people who have visited the blog page – because you only need them to click once.

Audience Two in your sequence is targeting those people who have clicked to your blog page – and EXCLUDING the audience of people who have made the eventual purchase that you want to be made (people who have visited the Thank You or Registration Confirmed or whatever page is at the end of your payment sequence). This ad sends the people responding to the next page in your sequence – which is optimised for warm traffic.

You can travel people through a number of pages in a sequence and exclude them from it by using website custom audiences and days lapsed since visiting – thus keeping your audience fresh.

Now you can see that designing your entire strategy at the outset of it as a map of pages to be creating and established as WCAs is an entirely different world to ‘boosting a post’.

I will follow up in a week or so to see how you are getting along with your custom audience planning and targeting!