The role of info-products in increasing conversion.

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Conversion is GOLD. Increasing conversion and reconversion (repeat purchases) is often the difference between success and fail.

So many brand owners and advertisers are obsessed with traffic – “we need more traffic, we don’t have enough sales from our advertising”….

The key metric here is not so much SALES, but rate of conversion.

The best ad campaign in the world will fail if conversion on-site is inadequate. The job of the AD is simply to get traffic to the landing page (or sales page) – so many advertisers anticpate that the advertising is the start and the finish of the lead generation process. It is just the tip of the iceberg.

What if the rate of conversion increased from 5% to 10% – without an increase in ad spend or traffic!

Key Contributors to Increasing Conversion.

There are many contributing factors to optimised conversion – but the most important in my opinion are the way in which the sales copy is presented – and the offer itself.

Whether you are selling services or selling products, there WILL be a way to add value to your offer/product to get the customer over the line to the checkout – and the more value you can offer right there out in the open at the crucial time where the customer is deciding whether to complete the purchase or move away – the better.

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Why Info Products are Excellent Value Adds

Added value components of every sort make excellent contributors to conversion.

The thing is, we presume as brand owners (and experts in our own zones), the other people know the things that we know.

They do not.

Even customers who are highly knowledgeable will appreciate additional value – because everyone loves to get more than what they are paying for – right?

Info-products make outstanding value ads simply because they require no additional effort for the brand owner – and they open an opportunity to follow up in the onboarding process.

What About For E-Commerce Products?

E-Comm products of all descriptions can have multiple layers of value added.

In fact, from a strategic point of view, a planned value add with a personable follow up in the post purchase sequence causes customers to feel very much more valued and commences the process of building engagement right from the start.

An info product on how to make the best of the product the person is purchasing is ideal.

Educated customers have a reason to purchase their next product – because they’ve managed to get more value from the first.

Leveraging the Digital Advantage

When you think this through, by adding Digital Info Products to your sale – whether for Services or for Products – is like giving yourself permission to contact the customer post purchase to follow up.

This is a massive advantage over non digital purchases.

In planning out your post purchase communications – which will ALWAYS be built around the goal of building engagement, creating a relationship and working toward getting the second purchase, the additional information you’ve given has cost you NO EXTRA, but is helping your customer make the most of their purchase.

Never underestimate the power of adding value.

Empowered customers are more closely connected – and harder for competitors to pick off.

So many brand owners underestimate the value of their knowledge to their customer.

Examples of info products that help increase conversion are:

  • Product E-Guides on how to use/do/maintain/store.
  • Mini video tuition sessions of any description.
  • Swipe files of success stories.
  • Technical knowledge of any description.
  • Any other broader aspect of use that may help the customer or client make more of the purchase than he or she otherwise would.


So – how do you use info-products to increase your conversion?

First decide on your portfolio of bonus info-products to add to the product you are selling. I recommend including SEVERAL – go to a level that is MORE than expected.

Remember the potential lifetime value of the customer in the future if you feel you are giving too much away. Informed, over serviced customers become loyal customers – and you are NOT adding additional cost in adding this level of value… you are simply increasing the potential for tripping that customer OVER the conversion line by adding more value.

Allocate a reasonable value to each of your value added components.

Explain each elements separately as a separate item – referencing its value.

Add the collective value of the value-adds, together with the value of the product being purchased – and express what excellent value is available in the entire package.

Remember to deliver a deadline for the close of this value offer.

Don’t forget to give yourself permission to contact post purchase to follow up (of course allowing an opt out for privacy reaons. Valid follow up in relation to the purchase is allowed.

Reference the value adds in your follow up sequence post purchase – that alone will ensure the customer DOES use the additional value – thus increasing the chance of him or her to re-purchasing from you in the future.

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