Download and Resource Page – Four Hour Intensive.

Here you can download a copy of the presentation and the glossary links. Bookmark this page by pressing CNTRL+D so you can find it again easily.

Please note that the Pre-Campaign establishment check list I referred to is in the presentation right at the end, and is repeated below:

  • Set up Landing Page & Conversion call to action + page.
  • Set up WCA Landing Page & Conversion page
  • Set up Lookalike to WCA
  • Set up Saved Audience(s)
  • Set up email onboarding email sequence
  • Set up creative
  • Write copy– cold, warm hot
  • Set up custom conversions
  • Set up supporting page posts
  • Set up campaigns & adsets for cold audience
  • Set up campaigns & adsets for retargeting/warm audience
  • Set up ads

Followup questions and access to advice

There are two options to consider for follow up & direction. Option one is free – join this free Facebook Group and ask your questions in the group. Either myself, Roxana or one of the group members will answer. Option B is the retainer option below for either 6 or 12 weeks. You are welcome to try the group first – there’s no pressure. Retailer prices are below and are very reasonable.

If you would like me to create any part of your content or campaign I can do that on an hourly or project basis – the price depends solely on the scope of the job, but I do keep my prices reasonable.


UTM Generator (custom URL to find out in Google Analytics what happens after the click to site:

Facebook Ad Grid Tool: Copy should occupy no more than 5 of the squares.


Retainers & One to One Follow Ups

Six Weeks:       $80+GST  (prepaid)

Twelve Weeks: $120+GST (prepaid)

Retailers must be paid in advance and run from date of payment for calendar weeks – so if you pay on a Wednesday your weeks will start on Thursday and finish on Wednesday in six/twelve weeks time. The dates will be clarified in writing at the time. Should I be unavailable for any number of days or weeks for any reason your finish date will be extended. The weeks may not be split into blocks (but the retainer may be repeated at this price).

Retainer options allow you to fire questions to me. I will answer your questions within 12 hours of receiving them but I will not action any ‘work’ as such – this is giving you direction on any questions you may have, screen shotting where to find something, advising you on an option you may be unsure of and so on.

One to One Followup

Follow up one to ones are 60 minutes (give or take a few minutes) and are $80+GST. This focuses on YOUR campaign and can be done online or in person (Auckland). Excludes any travel time if you want me to come to you.

This session focuses on YOUR campaign in YOUR ad account and can be done online or in person (Auckland). Excludes any travel time if you want me to come to you.

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