E-Commerce is easy once you understand the fundamentals and get the basics right.

To win in the E-Commerce world, you really need to consider your range from the consumer’s point of view – understand where your target audience looks for information – what influences may be at play and what the consumer’s real need is. Understanding how people shop really helps too, but the true secret to success in the E-Commerce world is Omnipresence – adding value without overtly asking for a sale.

Having an E-Commerce store is not a straightforward ‘see, click, buy’ formula. There are lots of loads of levels of consumer involvement – and lots of potential areas to add value!

The one thing we advise to avoid in E-Commerce is thinking small.

The E-Comm Sales Funnel


Step One     Awareness
Step Two    Initial Action
Step Three  Conversion
Step Four   Repeat Conversion


E-Commerce is won or lost in the back end.

Effective, automated communications are critical.

feel confident about which step to take – when to take it and how to implement!

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